Can advocacy group stop distracted drivers? -

Can advocacy group stop distracted drivers?

We know it's wrong but we do it anyway.  Talk on our cell phones while driving, eat while driving, text while driving, read while driving and on and on.  Heck, as a reporter I even talk into the camera while driving sometimes.  Never for more than a few seconds at a time, but that's all it takes.

What would it take to get us to stop?  There are new laws out there, but what are the odds we're doing one of these dangerous behaviors behind the wheel when an officer is watching.  Sure people get tickets, but a lot more people get away with it.

So what would it really take to get us to stop?  A new advocacy group called FocusDriven ( is hoping to take a page out of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  They're getting people who's families have been torn apart by the loss of loved ones who died at the hands of distracted drivers.

There's the Nebraska man who lost his 16-year old daughter when a distracted teen driver ran a red light and hit her car.

There's the Michigan woman who was taking her son home from an after-school activity when a young woman on a cell phone ran a light and hit the passenger side, killing her son.

Could stories like these make us think twice before picking up that phone, that sandwich, that newspaper while we're behind the wheel?

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