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2009 Rams Coaching report card

Bill Parcells once said that your record is what you are.  The Rams were 1-15 and that is what the team was this season.  They were, unfortunately, the worst team in the entire NFL and for their woes they have received the first pick overall in the 2010 NFL Draft.  Earlier this week I examined and graded out the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Today I will give grades for the St. Louis Rams coaching staff.

Steve Spagnuolo: D+  Some may ask how I could possibly give a coach that just lead the Rams to one of the worst seasons in NFL history a grade better then an F?  There are two main reasons I give Spagnuolo a passing grade for 2009.  First Spagnuolo has the worst talent in the NFL.  There is an old saying in football that "It is not about the X's and the O's, it is about the Willies and the Joes"  Steve Spagnuolo found that out the hard way this season.  All you have to do is look at the starting lineups for the Week 16 game in Arizona.  You can honestly say that of the starting 22 that afternoon the Cardinals had better players at 20 to 21 of those positions.  That is outrageous.

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