ABB Shooting Victim to be Buried Wednesday -

ABB Shooting Victim to be Buried Wednesday

We talked with Bruce Carter this afternoon.  He's the brother of Carlton Carter, one of the ABB shooting victims from last week. 

He gave us some insight into his big brother.  He says if he had to pick one word for Carlton it would be "genuine."  He says Carlton was the kind of person who had an "I am who I am" attitude so take him or leave him.  He says many people respected him for that.  He was the father of three daughters.  He had 8 grandchildren.   He had half a dozen siblings, nieces and nephews and the list goes on and on.  Carlton was into taking pictures.  At family get-togethers he was the unofficial photographer. 

I also asked him what his thoughts were toward Tim Hendron, the man who went on the shooting spree and killed Carlton.  He said he wanted Hendron's family to know that there was no hatred or animosity toward them.  He said they are going through the same trauma and emotions that the Carter family is now going through. 

Carton Carter's visitation and funeral will be Wednesday.

Visitation from 12:30 to 2:30pm

Funeral at 2:30

Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church

1500 South Hanley Road

Richmond Heights, MO

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