Park Along the Street and Get Stuck IN the Ice -

Park Along the Street and Get Stuck IN the Ice

I'm watching Kristen Cornett right now giving viewers the latest weather conditions.  We're expected to dip below zero tonight.

The weather's creating problems we're not used to around St. Louis.  From a television news perspective I can tell you that equipment tends to freeze up, batteries don't last as long (an old photographer's trick was to put them under your arm and warm them to get a little more "life" out of them).

We ran across a somewhat unusual cold weather problem tonight.  In the Central West End a Washington University student parked his car along the curb.  A water main break down the road sent water running along the curb.  It built up and literally froze the man's car in the ice.  It was half-way up the wheels on the car.  Martin Turner and his friend had spent several hours on Saturday trying to chip the ice away.

They were taking breaks and warming up by going into the nearby Starbucks.  When we left them they were still working at it and wishing the mid-week warm-up would get here sooner rather than later.

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