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Beware emails that claim to be from your credit card company. I got a call recently from a viewer who told me of an email that almost fooled her. It claimed to be from Chase Credit Card's Online Security Center. She looked it over and thought it was legit. The email told her there was a problem with her account and needed her to click on a link and fill out a form to send to the company. She started to get suspicious when the form asked for personal financial information in addition to her credit card. So, she called Chase and they confirmed it was a fraud. Here's a rule of thumb that they told her, if the notice comes in the form of an email you can be confident that it's a scam. Credit card companies call customers, they don't email.

If you think you've been targeted by a credit card scam attempt, you can contact the St. Louis Police Department's Fraud Prevention Task Force through their website or by phone, at 314-612-1412. Additionally, you should report through the website of a government agency called the Internet Crime Complaint Center. It serves as a clearning house for internet fraud and scams. They combine complaints to identify fraudulent activity, trends and those behind the scams. Then turn the information over to the most appropriate FBI division or other federal law enforcment agency.

Also, check out this website for more info on these kinds of scams.

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