ABB Shootings: Company Provides Counseling -

ABB Shootings: Company Provides Counseling

We're still tracking down more on the ABB shooting story.  Many of the workers are still, as a spokesperson for the company put it, "shell shocked."  A couple hundred workers and their families gathered Friday afternoon at the St. Louis Airport Marriott out by Lambert airport to meet with managers from ABB.  Some had personal things at the plant they needed or needed to get their cars from the parking lot.  A lot of the details still had to be worked out.

The company says grief counselors will be available not only for the workers but for their families as well.  These will be one-on-one or group sessions.  Counselors will also come to their homes if need be.  There will also be counselors available at the plant when it reopens (the company says it doesn't know when that will be.)

A worker called it an "emotional" session.  The facility has about 260 employees that work three different shifts.  So it's a round-the-clock operation.  Still, Timothy Hendron had worked there 31 years so it was the kind of place that everybody pretty much knew everybody else.  That means most of the workers knew the shooter that also means most of the workers knew the victims.

Hendron's family has released a statement saying they have no idea what triggered the shooting.  Investigators will now conduct more than a hundred interviews, pore over security camera video to track his pattern to see if these were random killings or if he targeted certain people.  You always hear people say that something "could have been worse."  This was a case where that applied.  A spokesperson with the company says Hendron worked there so long he probably knew the facility "like the back of his hand."  He could have continued on his killing spree hunted down other workers.  Perhaps it will never be known why he stopped the killing and killed himself.

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