ABB employees dealing with shooting day after -

ABB employees dealing with shooting day after

KMOV - More than 200 ABB employees and their families attended a meeting with plant managers on Friday.

After Thursday's shooting, a spokesperson says many of the people are "shell shocked."

One ABB workers says employees are concerned about retrieving their personal items from the plant. Many employees' cars are still at the parking lot and can not be accessed. A spokesperson said Friday, though, that everything is currently being worked out.

The meeting, which took place at the Marriott near Lambert Airport, was described as a very emotional setting. The company says grief counseling in group and one-on-one sessions will be available as long as necessary.

"...This is a process that everybody goes through in individual way," spokesperson Bob Fesmire says. "I've seen a lot of people really upset right now, others may find they're holding it together for now and in a week or two weeks or a month from now may find themselves completely consumed by it."

The company is offering grief counseling not only to employees, but to their families as well.

Fesmire says the company will be considering security changes, but it is still to early to tell what those could be. Fesmire also says the first order of business is to go in and repair the damage that the shooting caused, as they do not want reminders still there when the employees return to work.

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