ABB suspected gunman heavily armed -

ABB suspected gunman heavily armed

Police say Timothy Hendron, the suspected shooter in yesterday's rampage at ABB, had four guns.  They say he had an assault rifle, a shotgun, a 40 caliber handgun, and a 45 caliber handgun.  Even more chilling, they say he had a fanny pack with hundreds of rounds of ammunition.  The building bears evidence to the scores of rounds he did fire.  Police don't know why he took his own life when he did, or if the office in which he did so has any significance. 

Hendron's devastated family issued a statement today through an attorney.  Its hard not to read it and consider them yet more victims of Thursday's insanity.

Police are hoping more indepth interviews with dozens of co-workers, family, and Hendron's supervisor will provide a clue as to why he snapped... but they also say we may never know.



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