ABB Gunman -

ABB Gunman

Tim Hendron was apparently demoted during a downsizing at ABB nearly a decade ago. He had worked for the company for about twenty years. Hendron was a supervisor. The demotion put him back on "the floor." He never forgot it.

One of Hendron's longtime friends told me Hendron applied for a supervisor job 2-3 years ago, but didn't get it. That reopened old wounds. "He was never the same after that," according tp Hendron's friend.

A few years ago, Hendron was one of the named plaintiffs in a lawsuit against ABB over the way it, and Fidelity Investments, handled the company retirement. The trial in the long awaited federal case started this week in Kansas City.

When Hendron arrived at work today, one of the people he shot and killed was his supervisor, twenty-seven year old Cory Wilson. Wilson was just seven years older than Hendron's son.

Hendron apparently worked at ABB for about thirty years. It's unclear why he snapped, opened fire and killed innocent people he worked with every day. The worst thing I could find on him in the Missouri and federal courts databases were a few lawsuits over unpaid taxes and a parking ticket. 

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