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2009 Rams Offense Report Card

A 1-15 season from the St. Louis Rams is not what anyone expected in 2009.  I don't think anyone was having dreams of a parade rolling down Market Street, but better was the word everyone was hanging on.  As much as many at Rams Park would like to spin that the franchise is better off then it was a year ago it is tough to see that through the rubble that was left behind with this season.  Now that the season is over I think it is fair to evaluate how each individual player played this year.  Today we begin with the offense.


Marc Bulger: D- Everyone talked during the offseason about how this was a make or break season for Marc Bulger.  Clearly 2009 was break and not make.  Bulger was only able to play in 9 games and had only 5 touchdowns in those 9 games.  Some of it was not his fault but he certainly did not elevate the team nor could he stay on the field.  It will be interesting to see how the Rams handle Bulger in the offseason.  Clearly he can't come back as the starter but I wouldn't necessarily rule out him still being on the roster in 2010.

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