No Joke: Vandals Opening Hydrants, Water Freezes On Roads -

No Joke: Vandals Opening Hydrants, Water Freezes On Roads

Someone is opening fire hydrants, allowing water to spill out.  In this weather, the water is freezing over the roads.  In a week's time, the Collinsville Fire Department says someone has opened fire hydrants along Lebanon Road four times.

If it's a prank, the fire department is not amused. 

Firefighters worry about wrecks caused by water freezing on the road and a loss of water pressure if there is a fire.  The city's water department adds that residents are noticing lower water pressure once a hydrant is opened.  The vandals usually strike at night, so the gushing hydrant may go unnoticed for long periods of time.

Several months ago:  the fire department says someone opened hydrants and flooded Lebanon Road over the summer.  While some residents we talked to assume it's a teenage prank, the fire department won't speculate about a possible suspect or suspects.

If you notice suspicious activity around a hydrant, you're asked to call Collinsville Police at 618-344-2131 or the Collinsville Fire Department at 618-346-5022.

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