Towing Issues -

Towing Issues

        Patrons parking at the Brick House in Chesterfield Valley need to be carefull when looking for a place to park.  As popular as the place is these days, it seems some find spaces in front of the IHOP next door.  IHOP management doesn't like that and they've started towing cars of non-customers costing the car owners 300 dollars each.AAs

      Chesterfield Police tell me that state law allows businesses to do this as long as they have a proper sign that states who is doing the towing and how much it will cost. 

      This issue seems to pop up every once in a while in St Louis,  A popular place needs some over flow parking, and usually some other business owner gets upset.

      The Valley is unique because to many of us, it seems like one endless outdoor mall with parking lots and property lines blurred,

      But this is reason for drivers to be warned that if you see a sign warning about towing, chances are you taking an expensive gamble for a parking space.


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