Ice Looks Tempting But a Word to the Wise--Stay Off -

Ice Looks Tempting But a Word to the Wise--Stay Off

   Since we're in the deep freeze right now the ponds, lakes and rivers are freezing up.  They look inviting.  If you're a kid they look tempting.  But the advice from those who are trained in water rescues is--stay off the ice.  Just because it can hold your weight a few feet from the bank it doesn't mean it can hold you when you walk out into the middle of the pond.

   We've been fortunate around the St. Louis area in the past few years.  Last year a young girl fell through the ice in New Town at St. Charles.  She lived.  A few years ago, two teenagers fell through the ice in Wild Acre Park in Overland.  They lived.  One teenager was in the ice for about 40 minutes.   He and his friend were fortunate.  Very fortunate.  I was looking at some of the file video tonight from that incident.  It was gut-wrenching to watch rescuers put the young man on the stretcher to load him into the ambulance.  He had gone limp.  Even knowing that the young man survived and recovered, it was still hard to watch.

   I grew up in Normandy and used to play hockey on the frozen pond in Pasadena Hills.  When the weather warmed up and spring was around the corner the ice would sometimes break.  We'd fall through.  I fell through several times.  But the pond was only 3 feet deep.  If you don't know the depth on a body of water you shouldn't risk it. .

   We talked with Robert Murray tonight.  He's a Battalion Chief with the Pattonville Fire Protection District.  He says the only guarantee that you won't be a victim of the ice---stay off it.

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