City Museum founder grabs News 4 camera in angry, abrupt end to interview -

City Museum founder grabs News 4 camera in angry, abrupt end to interview

ST. LOUIS (KMOV)-- The trial was expected to begin Monday, but instead a personal injury lawsuit filed against City Museum was settled Monday morning.

During the last six years, visitors have filed 26 personal injury cases against the City Museum. Those alleged injuries include head trauma, broken bones and severed fingers.
Timothy Walker said he hurt his ankle and knee when he caught his foot in an opening on one of the museum's long slides. Walker is suing the museum.
The root of the problem is the failure to inspect these attractions on a daily basis. The attractions include huge metal slides and, as founder Bob Cassilly showed News 4, places to climb above hard surfaces.
“During the last six years city museum has been sued 26 times in personal injury cases. Yes. What does that say about safety at the city museum? That's out of four million people. That means you'd have to go to city museum every day for 150 years for a 100 percent chance of getting hurt,” he said.
News 4 didn't check his math, but Cassily insists the museum is safe, even though he quickly admitted fault in one case: a small child fell through an opening in an upper level floor, landing 14 feet below, suffering a fractured skull.
Cassily invited News 4 inside the museum, then took us upstairs where we asked him more questions about the amount of money City Museum has paid in damages to visitors injured there. Cassilly turned his frustration on News 4, grabbing our camera. Cassilly quickly escorted us out of the building. It was the abrupt and angry ending of what we thought was going to be a routine interview, especially after his playful invitation to come inside.

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