The treasure in the trash gets taken -

The treasure in the trash gets taken

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People get generous during the holidays, unfortunately thieves are all to anxious to take advantage.

Some people like to say "thanks" to those who come to their home week after week to drop off the mail or pick up the trash.

Sometimes they'll meet their friendly postal worker at the mailbox to give them a plate of cookies or just leave a Christmas card for them in the mailbox.

It's hard to give a gift to your neighborhood trash hauler. They don't have a lot of room in the truck to carry gifts and their hands get a little dirty to be handling a lot of cookies.

So a resident of Chesterfield, who lives near Clarkson and Baxter roads, wanted to show their appreciation with a little cash. They put two $20 bills in envelopes and taped them to the underside of their trash cans.

But someone may have heard about their gift giving or seen them tape the envelopes to the lids by the curb. At some point, thieves came along and took the envelopes and the $40 gift, leaving just the trash and a disappointed gift giver.

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