So Waddaya Think? Blues Make Right Move? -

So Waddaya Think? Blues Make Right Move?

   As I write this the Blues are trailing the Blackhawks 3-2  with a couple minutes remaining in the 2nd period.  Tonight begins a new era.  Davis Payne is now the coach, or at least

((update: Blackhawks just's now 4-2))

the "interim coach" of the Blues now.   We were outside the Scottrade center earlier tonight talking with fans.  Most said the same thing--a change was needed.  In the world of sports that change is often the coach getting canned.  If you think back to 2006 when Andy Murray was hired to be the Blues coach you remember the team went on a tear.  They started to rock and roll.  Die-hard fans thought It looked like a new era in Blues hockey.  Maybe this was the guy who would finally bring the Stanley cup to St. Louis.  It wasn't to be.


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