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Looking Back on 2009


         As I'm watching 2009 dwindle away on the TV monitors in the newsroom, I was thinking about some of the stories that stood out for me in 2009.

         Reading through several hundred pages of the Congressional  stimulus bill in one afternoon certainly gave me the headache of the year.  But it certainly was not as painful as standing outside the Chrysler plant in Fenton and seeing the workers there leave for the last time.  I wonder how they all are doing tonight.

      Cash for Clunkers was a catchy thing to say, but it did get many dealers through a tough summer.   

     The swine flu (H1N1 now) stories started in the spring, went away for a while for me and came back in the fall.  I'll be glad to see that virus leave for good.

        The summer sweltered this year, especially covering the two town hall meetings in the area, first with Rep. Russ Carnahan and then with Sen. Claire McCaskill.  The Carnahan event was hot insie and out.  The gym inside was very warm and since we couldn't leave without any guarantee we'd get back in, we had little notion of what was going on outside.  The McCaskill event was just big.  But it was refreshing to see and talk with so many people involved in their government.

      I got to meet St Louis Police officer Isabella Lovadina, healing from her gunshot wounds.  She's the toughest cop I know.

      There was a great deal of sad stories.  So many lives lost, my heart goes out to all the families who took time to talk with me about their loss. 

        I also felt loss, when I lost my father this year.

       On Monday, I'll be back here ready to start covering another year of what makes news in St. Louis.

       Happy New Year.


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