New casino jobs highly sought after -

New casino jobs highly sought after

Since our story Tuesday night on the 1,200 positions the new River City Casino in Lemay is planning to fill by March, the St. Louis County Workforce Development Center has been inundated with calls.  It actually started before our story aired and continued afterward.

I had mentioned in my last blog on this the two phone number to call had full voice mail boxes.  A viewer emailed to tell me that continued to be the case into today and TODAY was the deadline to apply.

I called and went by the center to see what the deal was.  I met a friendly staff of five genuinely interested in helping people land jobs.  The told me the response for these on-the-spot interview opportunities on Wednesday, January 13th have been overwhelming.   They'd set up several phone lines but the voicemails got filled up so fast they had to open up more lines and they did.

The emailer, Susan Todd of Columbia, IL ended up getting in and will get an interview.  She's excited about it after being out of work four months.

The casino recruiters even had to add another day of interviews as the 360 slots for the 13th got full.  They'll call  some 300+ people back who want to be interviewed the following week.

If you'd still like a shot at an interview for one of the myriad positions open, you can call Adam Brown (who's voicemail box is no longer full).  You can also call Cindy Layman at 615-4686.

For more information on the new casino in Lemay check out



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