Governor Vows to End Extra-Early Release of Inmates -

Governor Vows to End Extra-Early Release of Inmates

Governor Pat Quinn announced an overhaul of the "Meritorious Good Time Release" Program, including ended a recent push to accelerate the early releases as a way to save money. 

In September, the Illinois Department of Corrections began issuing good conduct credits to inmates at an accelerated rate.   In the past, most inmates started to earn credits toward an early parole after 61 days.  This fall, many of the more than 1,700 inmates were released within two weeks of walking through state prison doors.

Governor Quinn said the program would no longer release prisoners before serving 61 days.

Here is the list of inmates:  (The list is not in any particular order.  However, the PDF file has a search function.  I hit "CTRL" and "F" to look up an inmate by name). 

Quinn suspended the entire program earlier this month after the Associate Press reported that some of the inmates were violent offenders and had committed new crimes after their release.

Quinn, at a press conference in Chicago, also put much of the blame on the director of the DOC, but added that Michael Randle would keep his job.

This wave of inmates released early is separate from a initiative announced earlier this year that would release 1,000 non-violent offenders early to save the state money.  So far, the DOC has released 200 inmates under that program.  A DOC spokeswoman did not know when more would be released. 

Read the Governor's Press Release on the overhaul here:

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