Thieves steal copper again from Alton light display -

Thieves steal copper again from Alton light display

KMOV - Thieves have stolen copper wiring from a well-known Alton light display for the third time this year.

The display is the work of the Grandpa Gang, a group of men who put up thousands of lights at Rock Springs Park to raise money for community events.

On Monday, someone cut the padlocks on several storage trailers, stealing nearly $1,000 in wiring and lights.

Bob Osburn, a member of the Grandpa Gang, says this year's thefts have made members of the group starting to rethink next year's display.

"...To get these older guys pumped up to come out and do it, I hope time heals them and they are ready to go next year, cause we can replace it, and we will replace it," Osburn says.

The light display in Alton is in it's 20th year of existence, and Osburn says the gang will do anything it can to make sure the lights are on in 2010.

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