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Avoiding the Zhu Zhu haircut

The popular motorized hampsters, the Zhu Zhu pets are leading to some unpopular after-Christmas hair styles.  People in St. Louis, Seattle, Chicago and beyond are ending up with these toys stuck in their hair and having to use scissors to get them out.

Cepia, the St. Louis area company that makes the toys say they've sold seven-million of them and there are relatively few incidents. 

It appears the incidents involve operator error.  There's no way the toy finds itself in your hair or your kids hair without someone putting it there.  But with the motor on, the wheels get tangled up in heads of hair despite numerous warnings by the company not to do that.  There are warnings in the instructions and on the toy itself that say, "Please keep toy away from hair."

Now I could see this happening with little kids (it's for ages 4+) but there's an adult on youtube with one stuck in her hair and the Lifestyles editor for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch had one stuck in her hair the morning after Christmas when her three-year old child was running his Zhu Zhu pet up her back and into her long locks.

Amy Bertrand blogged about her experience on the paper's website.  She says she has a new rule in her home:   The Zhu Zhu's stay on the ground when they're on.  That's a good rule.

Enjoy your Zhu Zhu.

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