Not a fan of Santa -

Not a fan of Santa

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Jude tried to climb off Santa's lap to get back to Daddy. By Afton Spriggs Jude tried to climb off Santa's lap to get back to Daddy. By Afton Spriggs
Jude in his Christmas jammies in front of our tree By Afton Spriggs Jude in his Christmas jammies in front of our tree By Afton Spriggs

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We certainly did at the Spriggs' home. This was Jude's second Christmas, but it was the first one where he could open presents all by himself, and boy, was he good at that! By Christmas morning, he had the present thing down. He had already opened some presents with other family members earlier in the week, so when he saw all the gifts from Santa under the tree, he knew just what to do. Jude loved opening the gifts and finding toys inside. Some of his favorite gifts from Santa were his Wonder Pets stuffed animals. He was so excited and carried them around all day. Too cute!

On Christmas Eve, we took Jude to see Santa. I guess I should have done a few practice runs at this. Maybe I should have taken him to the mall a few times just to get a look at Santa. But I didn't, and Jude was terrified of the jolly old elf! As soon as we walked into Santa's house, Jude started backing toward the door. We tried to put him on Santa's lap, but Jude immediately tried to jump back into his daddy's arms. We did manage to get one halfway decent photo with the big man, but Jude still looks scared to me. Next year, I'm doing a practice run for sure!

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about Christmas traditions and we decided on a few for our little family: 1. Going to see Santa is a must! No matter how scared Jude was this year, the Santa visit will continue to be one of our family traditions. 2. Christmas jammies. We decided that every year for Christmas Eve, everyone will get a new pair of Christmas pj's to open that night. 3. Keepsake ornaments. This one I'm a little late on. I'll have to stop by Hallmark to see if they have any left. We want to start getting a new ornament for Jude (and any future siblings) every year. Something special to remember the year that they can hang on the tree each Christmas when we decorate the tree. 4. Real tree. While my husband may not be thrilled about this, we have decided that we will continue to do the real tree for Christmas. This was one of our big battles as a married couple and I won this one. I really wanted Jude to have a real Christmas tree just like I always had at my home as a child.

Like I said in my "Christmas Traditions" blog, I'm still open to suggestions. The ornament idea was actually e-mailed to me by someone who reads the Mommy Diaires. Feel free to post your ideas below or e-mail me ( Also, comment below on your Christmas. Did you have a good one? Was it stressful? Go by too fast? Did your kiddos get some good stuff? As always, I'd love to hear from you!


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