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UPDATE: Stolen Dog Found

Monday night at 10 o'clock, we ran a brief story about a family in North St. Louis County offering a reward for anyone who can find their stolen dog, Samson.  He was taken during a home burglary on December 13th.

Good news!  I just heard from the dog's owner and two year old Samson, a Shi Tzu, is back home. 

Someone contacted the family after seeing the story, reporting that a woman found a dog and was looking for its owners.  Turns out:  a woman spotted Samson wandering around a neighborhood in the Hazelwood area on December 14th and took him in.  Although Samson was wearing a collar when he was taken, he wasn't wearing one when he was found.  The woman put up flyers and took care of the dog for more than a week.

The Elcan family reunited with Samson today and say that he is healthy and doing well.

Police were still investigating the break-in at the Elcan home.  Thieves climbed through a basement window to steal Christmas gifts, jewelry, and family pets.

Dog thefts are not all that unusual.  This month, The American Kennel Club issued a warning about a nationwide rise in the number of dog thefts:

Since last year, when AKC first noted concerns about the prevalence of pet theft, more dogs are disappearing. Through November 30, 2009, the AKC has tracked more than 115 missing pets via incidents reported by news media and customer reports.

In 2008, the AKC tracked a total of 71 thefts. The FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC), which tracks stolen property nationwide, currently lists 200 stolen dogs. In response to this continuing trend, AKC offers the following advice to prevent your "best friend" from being the target of a crime.

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