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Mistaken identity: Man shot, killed by St. Louis police

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By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs
By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs
By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs
By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs
By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs
(KMOV) -- A St. Louis man is dead after being shot by police in what investigators are calling a case of mistaken identity.
Police received a 911 call at 7:27pm for "shots fired" inside a residence in the 1500 block of Salisbury in north St. Louis.
When officers arrived at the scene, dispatchers communicated to them additional information received from 911 callers stating they could hear arguing coming from a residence and that the door to the residence appeared to have been kicked in.
Two officers approached the residence and knocked at the door (which was closed despite reports from 911 callers that it had been kicked in) and announced themselves as police.  There was no answer.  One of the officers peered around the corner and at that instant saw muzzle flash and heard a gunshot. The two officers drew their weapons and seconds later a black male ran from the gangway. 
The officers, in fear for their safety, fired at the man, hitting him a total of six times in the neck, side and back.  The victim has been identified as 40 year old Antonio Hogans.  He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
The loaded gun Hogans was carrying was recovered at the scene. Investigators determined that the gun had been reported stolen from St. Louis County.
Upon entering the residence through the basement, investigators discovered evidence inside the residence indicating that at least one shot had been fired inside prior to police arrival. The crime lab is examining that evidence to determine if the shot was fired from the weapon Hogans was carrying or a different weapon.
Someone also appeared to have ransacked very specific areas of the residence such as drawers and shoeboxes. Crack cocaine, that appeared to be packaged for distribution, was found in Hogans' pants pocket. Police believe the suspect who kicked in Hogans' door may have been looking for drugs or money from drug sales.
When officers arrived at the residence the door was closed, despite reports from 911 callers that the door had been kicked in. Once inside the residence, investigators found that the door had been propped closed by using a chair to secure it.

Investigators believe that following an altercation with Hogans, the suspect who had kicked in the door fled and Hogans  secured the door with the chair. It's believed that Hogans then used a door on the other side of the residence to exit through the basement and out to the gangway at which point he fired a shot at the officers investigating the call. 

Police believe the man thought the officers were burglars and fired shots at them.
Neighbors report the house where Hogans was staying was known as a drug house and may have contriuted to the intrusion.
As is standard procedure in any officer involved shooting, the two officers have been place on administrative leave.  The officers have both been commissioned officers since July, 2008.


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