St. Louis police pushing for new car break-in law -

St. Louis police pushing for new car break-in law

KMOV - In response to an increase in the number of car break-ins in St. Louis, city police are pushing for new laws on car break-ins.

Police say they are urging for new laws mandating punishment, but they need the courts to back them up.

Frustrated by arresting repeat offenders and seeing them get off the hook with no jail time, the department is pushing for a new city law that makes breaking into a car an extension of breaking into someone's house.

According to Captain Ed Kuntz of the St. Louis Police Department, these kind of laws are not a new idea.

"What a lot of other states do, they have statues that are called car burglaries where your car is an extension of your house," Kuntz says. "Where your personal property, breaking into your car is looked at as seriously as breaking into your home. "

These sort of laws can carry penalties of 30 to 90 days in the workhouse.

In addition for getting behind the new law, police have two roving units dedicated to catching the ringleaders, which authorities say cuts down on car thefts.

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