Metro-East sheriff warns of holiday scams -

Metro-East sheriff warns of holiday scams

CARLINVILLE — In today’s economically tough times, everyone could use a little more money, especially during the Christmas season, so Macoupin County Sheriff Don Albrecht wants to warn residents to beware of scams.


"Here at the holidays, people — especially our seniors — seem to be targeted by scam artists," Albrecht said. "It seems perpetrators of scams play on our seniors and target them. The scam artists know most seniors have at least a little nest egg, are struggling economically and are very honest people — and assume the scam artists are honest, too."

Albrecht said all kinds of scams continue appearing. Many of them are perpetrated by people working in foreign countries, making it impossible to track down and prosecute the perpetrators; some scams appear to be from legitimate businesses or banks, but the business or banking address is never listed on the "check."


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