University City official denies 'calling out' News 4 reporter ov -

University City official denies 'calling out' News 4 reporter over EMS privatization

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

UNIVERSITY CITY( – University City Manager Lehman Walker denied he accused News 4 of making up how much money the city would save if its EMS services were outsourced.

Walker’s denial was caught on video. At a city council meeting Monday, Councilman Terry Crow asks Walker about the potential savings from outsourcing EMS.

“I heard the other night that city manager said we would save $1 million by outsourcing, and I’m trying to come up with where those numbers come from,” Crow said at the meeting.

“I didn’t make those statements,” Walker said at the meeting. “Jasmine Huda is the one who made the comment about savings. I never made those statements.”

Walker and Crow are referring to a News 4 report on the possibility of University City outsourcing its EMS services to a private company.  For that report, Walker made the following statement, which News 4 paraphrased on air:

“There would be a potential cost savings in excess of $1 million if we were to proceed.”

Crow seemed surprise by Walker’s denial.

“I believe the report is pretty clear on the statement. As far as a $1 million savings, I can’t imagine a reporter came up with that number off the top of her head. That would surprise me,” Crow said at the meeting.

Walker spoke to News 4 and denied the denial.

“I’m not taking issue with anything you said,” Walker said to News 4’s Jasmine Huda.

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