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Ferguson lawmaker calls governor 'coward'

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) -- A state senator representing parts of Ferguson called Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon a "coward" for his response to the fatal shooting of a black man and the protests that followed.

Democratic state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal gave a speech at least 45 minutes long criticizing the governor on the Senate floor as the veto override session began Wednesday in Jefferson City.

Violence and looting erupted in Ferguson after a white police officer shot unarmed black 18-year-old Michael Brown on Aug. 9. Nixon has been criticized for not responding fast enough to the chaos.

Chappelle-Nadal says Nixon was "chilling out" at his mansion during protests.

Nixon has declined to second-guess his actions, saying Brown's death didn't initially appear to be the sort of situation that a governor should inject himself into.

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