Neighbors and police concerned about series of homes targeted on University City street -

Neighbors and police concerned about series of homes targeted on University City street

UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. ( – A home burglary spree has been taking place in University City neighborhoods, and residents said one family was held at gunpoint.

Early Tuesday morning, University Police responded to a call on the 7800 block of Stanford Avenue. Two armed male suspects allegedly came into the home through an open window and stole electronics and personal items. Police said the suspects left, but their direction of travel was unknown. The residents of the home were not injured, but neighbors said the men held the family at gunpoint.

An hour later, around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday, police responded to the 7000 block of Stanford Avenue. Similar to the earlier crime on Stanford, an unknown male suspect entered through an open window. However, this time, police said the homeowner confronted the suspect who fled the scene. The homeowner said he saw two other men outside who brandished weapons.

“It’s something you never, ever want your family to experience. It’s a real shame,” said a neighbor on Stanford Avenue.

“Even though it’s a safe street, you never know who can come in, or what can happen,” added another neighbor.

According to other neighbors, theft in the same neighborhood occurred around 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m., Tuesday.  One resident on the 7300 block of Stanford reported an unknown person reaching through an open window and taking items from a table near the window.

Three men have been taken into police custody. Whether the cases are all connected is unclear. 

Police said nobody was injured in either confrontation. Why the suspects targeted homes on Stanford is unclear, but police are stressing the importance of safety and property protection.

Anybody with additional information about the robberies should call University City Police.

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