New calls for Officer Darren Wilson to be indicted -

New calls for Officer Darren Wilson to be indicted

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

( – The National Action Network and Michael Brown’s family called for Officer Darren Wilson to be arrested and charged Tuesday.

At a press conference Tuesday, an attorney for the Brown family said there is enough probable cause for an arrest to be made.

“We are not going to be satisfied with a non-indictment with a grand jury,” said Adolphus Pruitt with the NAACP.

Pruitt said the family and their attorney are demanding answers as to why Officer Wilson has not been arrested.

“We insist the Justice Department continue to do what we’ve asked to do and so far they have. We insist the prosecutor do what it should do,” Pruitt said.

St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch began presenting evidence to a grand jury in August.

“They will have absolutely everything that there is,” McCulloch said at the time.

McCulloch said he is trying to present all the evidence as quickly as possible, but also said the grand jury process may not be complete until mid-October.

“You don’t need an indictment to arrest someone. You are arrested with information then a grand jury is convened. Probable cause is sufficient to arrest civilians so it must be enough to arrest police,’ said Pastor Carlton Lee with the National Action Network.

Brown family attorney Anthony Gray said enough witnesses have come forward to arrest Wilson.

“He should be in handcuffs, he should be photographed, he should be finger printed, and he should be booked immediately and that’s what this family is calling for,” Gray said.

Brown’s family re-iterated their call for peace. The family did not answer any questions about a planned protest where demonstrators intend to block traffic on area highways. That protest is scheduled for Wednesday. 

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