Medical marijuana growing facility may be built in Troy, Ill. -

Medical marijuana growing facility may be built in Troy, Ill.

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TROY, Ill. ( – On Thursday, the Troy, Illinois zoning committee will begin deciding whether to allow a medical marijuana growing facility in the town.

Health Central is proposing a remodel of a 95,000 square foot vacant food facility and turning it into a place to grow medical marijuana.

“They are talking about 200 to 240 jobs with an annual estimated payroll between $9 million - $10 million. It would make it the largest private employer in Troy,” said Troy Mayor Al Adomite.

One Troy alderwoman is concerned about how fast such a proposal may be approved.

“My biggest concern for the city of Troy is that this is coming at us so fast that we really haven’t had an opportunity to digest what this would mean for our community,” said Regina Dunbar-Hendrickson.

Dunbar-Hendrickson said she is afraid it may lead to the legalization of recreational marijuana use in the future.

“I don’t want us running at the opportunity for jobs without knowing where the future might be in that,” Dunbar-Hendrickson said. “I don’t know if that’s what we want for our youth, I don’t know if that’s what want for anybody.”

Adomite said that question is for the state legislature to decide. He said city leaders should consider the proposal for a growing facility now that medical marijuana is legal.

“Because it is legal, we’ll look and see if the jobs are a good fit for our community,” Adomite said. “I get the sense it’s a 50-50 thing. I think there is support from the council, but we know until we officially take a vote.”

The entire city council might vote on the proposal Monday, September 15.

Other Metro East cities such as Marissa and Wood River are bidding for state license to grow medical marijuana in southern Illinois. The state will decide which community will be granted a growing center in December.

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