Shots fired during first grader soccer game in Ferguson -

Shots fired during first grader soccer game in Ferguson

FERGUSON, MO ( – Shots were fired during a first grader girls’ soccer game in Ferguson on Saturday.

“We were sitting ducks in an open field and the side of the field closest to a small concession stand, (I saw) parents and kids barricaded in there,” said Kelly Manno, a youth soccer coach. “We flipped over the bench we were sitting on and put it up on its side and laid down behind the bench while the shots were going.”

The soccer game, being played at the Blessed Theresa of Calcutta Church, immediately stopped when shots were fired on Chambers. Manno says she saw parents sprinting out into the field to get their children to make sure they were safe.

"We'll never play there again," Manno said. "They are going to have to find a new field for us. I'm not bringing those girls back to that field. They don't want to go back."

No injuries were reported during the incident and the alleged shooters were seen fleeing before police arrived.

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