Mayor Slay proposes combined city-county minimum wage -

Mayor Slay proposes combined city-county minimum wage

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

ST. LOUIS ( – St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay recently proposed having one minimum wage for St. Louis City and St. Louis County.

Slay sent out a tweet about the minimum wage Friday:

Slay’s office told News 4 the idea is to combine economies instead of going it alone. The minimum wage for St. Louis City employees was recently raised to $10.10 per hour. Some small businesses have said a higher minimum wage could raise their costs and take a toll on them. However, the owner of a business in south St. Louis County said the minimum wage is not a factor.

“We don’t really look at that number at all. We just look at it like this is what our industry warrants for our job,” said Tim Wienmann, Kendrick’s Meat and Catering President.

Democratic candidate for St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger tells News 4 he supports an increased minimum wage as a general matter. Stenger has not taken a position on Slay’s proposal for a joint city-county minimum wage because he would need more information to evaluate it, but added he is open to discussions.

The GOP nominee, Rick Stream, has not commented the issue, although as a state legislator he has voted against raising it.

While some area residents support an increased minimum wage, they question whether a joint effort between the city and county would take shape. 


“The city is the city and the county is the county,” said St. Louis resident Dannista Paster. “And they don’t really intermingle unless they have to. I don’t think that would happen anytime soon.”?

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