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Push made for law requiring all cops in Mo. to wear cameras

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(KMOV.com) – A push is being made to pass a law in Missouri to require all police officers to wear body cameras.

Many feel body cameras would help police do their jobs and capture police brutality. Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed said she would support legislation requiring police to wear such cameras.

“You would see a huge reduction in police brutality,” Nasheed said.

However, questions remain. Who controls when the camera is turned on and off?  Who stores the video and how long is it kept? Who would pay for the cameras?

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said his department is testing several different types of cameras, including cameras that automatically turn on and cameras that give control to the officer wearing them. Jackson said he has yet to receive complaints.

If such a proposal were to become law, Nasheed said the state would have to pay for it, or civic and business groups could help cover the costs. No matter who pays for it, it could be expensive to store the video.

Research shows when police wear cameras, there are fewer complaints and incidents of excessive force.

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