Doctors in St. Louis concerned about respiratory virus in childr -

Doctors in St. Louis concerned about respiratory virus in children

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( – Doctors in St. Louis told News 4 they are seeing an increase in the number of children suffering from a virus that causes them to have trouble breathing.

A pediatrician at Children’s Hospital said she is seeing many children with the virus coming to the hospital. So far, there have been more than 100 reported cases of rhino and enteroviruses, each virus has similar symptoms including high fever, runny nose, and possible stomach pain.

Dr. Kathleen Berchelmann said the virus can take five to seven days to run its course, but also said there is very little doctors can do to treat it.  Bercherlmann also said it important for parents to get their children screened because the symptoms of the virus are similar to the symptoms of strep throat, which can be treated by antibiotics.

“It’s the asthmatics that are the sickest, the children with asthma can become profoundly ill,” Berchelmann said. Although we can’t make the virus go away, we can treat the asthma.”

Doctors said it is common to see a spike in the number of children who have the virus around the start of the school year because kids are often in close proximity with one another. Doctors also said the virus is highly contagious.

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