Pacific police discover riot gear expired during Ferguson riots -

Pacific police discover riot gear expired during Ferguson riots

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PACIFIC, Mo. ( – The police in Pacific, Missouri say they discovered their riot gear had expired while watching the riots take place in Ferguson.

“With the incident in Ferguson, I decided to take a look and I’m glad I did,” said Pacific Police Captain Larry Cook. “I checked on the pack and they were outdated.”

Cook says his department was issued hazmat gear in 2004, along with gas masks and filters, but says they all expired early in the summer. Cook said he called the manufacturer who said the filters would probably still work properly since they had not been opened.

“If you go ahead and use them and it doesn’t work, then you have an officer that’s no good for anything,” Cook said. “Until he gets his lungs cleared out from the gas.”

Cook urges all police departments in the country to check their equipment to make sure it hasn’t expired and is up-to-date.

“The old saying is ‘It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it,’” Cook said. The Pacific Police Department has been able to find about six different filters from a separate distributor until an entirely new order can be filled.

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