Students sit on hot bus as punishment -

Students sit on hot bus as punishment

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

LEBANON, OH (CNN) – A school bus driver in Lebanon, Ohio went too far in trying to teach kids a lesson.

The driver resigned after a student said they were forced to sit in a hot bus with the windows up as punishment for being rowdy.

A parent who wants to remain anonymous said his 11 year old daughter fell ill after her school bus driver allegedly kept her and other students in the hot bus after school on Monday.

Voice of upset parent: “She said that the kids were being rowdy and wild and the bus driver pulled over to the side of the road and told everyone to put up their windows and said he was going to leave them sit there until their brains melted.”

Lebanon police tell us the driver, picked more kids up at bowman elementary school and it was near the junior high school where the driver allegedly pulled over and made the kids sit in the 90 plus degree weather with all of the windows up.

Voice of upset parent:  “And then I kind of had a little calming down period and set her down and had to talk to her and was basically like are you exaggerating? She stuck by her guns and said it was 100 percent accurate.”

It’s unclear how many children were on the bus and while school officials investigate so will Lebanon police.

“If they think there was harm to their child or potential harm and they have some details about the case then we need to hear from them,” said Sgt. Dave Gehringer.

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