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Woman allegedly robbed in West County Mall parking garage

DES PERES, Mo. (KMOV.com) – A woman was allegedly robbed in the parking garage of West County Mall in Des Peres. But neither the victim nor surveillance cameras were able to catch a glimpse of the robber.

Surveillance footage was not available for the location where the alleged robbery occured. Crimes like this are rare at West County Mall, but the victim said that the investigation is hampered by the fact the incident occurred in a dead zone where there is no coverage by surveillance cameras.

“I feel extremely violated by the whole thing and I’m just dealing with the nerve wrecking experience I’ve gone through,” said the victim.

The victim said everything happened quickly, and she did not get a glimpse of the male suspect. She said the suspect put a gun up to her head and demanded her keys, money, and then her purse.

“He was pretty adamant about telling her ‘don’t turn around, don’t look at me,’” said Detective Dale Fiala of the Des Peres Police.

Police said the robber got away with a tablet, cell phone, and wallet. Fortunately, the victim was not hurt.

“At this time, the evidence that we have doesn’t show anything. So it’s very possible that the subject could have been waiting in the parking garage … waiting for her to come out,” said Det. Fiala. He said he plans to look at the video footage one more time for suspicious activity. The victim is surprised and disappointed the cameras did not catch the crime.

“If you want us to come to your mall and spend our money, then you owe it to us to have cameras,” she said.

Mall management said there are cameras in the parking garage, but they do not want to reveal how many or where they are located. In the meantime, police are hoping to find an eyewitness who saw a suspicious man lurking in the garage around the time of the robbery.

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