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Police concerned about recent robberies in Tower Grove South neighborhood

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(KMOV.com) – Police said they are concerned about several armed robberies that have occurred over the course of recent weeks in Tower Grove South.

Authorities said the latest robbery occurred in the 3700 block of Humphrey Street Monday. The other two took place on Juniata.

According to police, two young adults were robbed by three men with guns. Authorities said a male victim was put in a headlock and robbed of his keys, phone, and wallet, while the female victim was robbed of her purse at gunpoint. Both victims were standing on their home’s front step.

Police said there has only been one more robbery in 2014 then there was at this time in 2013. Despite the numbers, police are worried.

“We really believe that there are two different groups of people doing the robberies,” said Lt. Col. Paul Nochiero with St. Louis Police.

Earlier in 2014, police used hot spot policing in the area for two weeks. They believe the strategy was effective and said efforts in the neighborhood could ramp up again, but they did not say if or when it would happen.

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