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Police searching for man who stalked woman at Jefferson Co. Kmart

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(KMOV.com) – A woman claims a man began to stalk her while she was shopping at a Kmart store in Crystal City, and continued to stalk her as she drove home.

Jewel Roach said she was shopping at the Kmart location on Highway 67 when a suspicious man began to follow her around the store.

“I did notice him two or three or four times and I thought ‘okay, he’s some kind of geek,” Roach said.

Roach then went out to the parking lot where she said she saw the man again.

“He looked at me and did something like ‘whoot whoot’ or something like that, and I thought ‘you’re stupid, go away,” Roach said.

Roach said she then drove off but the man was right behind her. She told News 4 she tried to speed up and weave through traffic, but that didn’t work. Roach eventually pulled off the road and ran into an AT&T store, but said it still took a long time to scare the man off.

“He did linger there for a minute, but then he saw me talking and pointing. I guess he realized what was going on,” Roach said.

Festus police told News 4 they are still searching for the man. They believe was driving a brown Z71 pick-up truck.

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