Road barriers in Clayton to come down Thursday -

Road barriers in Clayton to come down Thursday

CLAYTON, Mo. ( – Road blocks initially placed to give protesters a space in downtown Clayton have residents asking how much longer they will be in place.

The road barriers along Carondelet made way for protesters who stood before the Justice Center in downtown Clayton days after the shooting death of Michael Brown. As a result, there are 26 fewer parking spots for people needing access to the Justice Center, courthouse, or other government buildings. For downtown Clayton, 26 parking spots can make quite the difference.

“I teach Bible Study to female inmates from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. So of course, there’s not much parking anyway. And with everything being blocked off, you know you’re very limited,” said Jamie Cannon-Moody, a Justice Center volunteer.

Some have said that it has taken 30 minutes to find a parking spot.

The barriers are coming down Thursday morning, re-opening the area to traffic and parking meters. While the barriers have been somewhat of a hassle for drivers, many welcome the city’s move to give demonstrators a safe place to speak out.

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