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Mix up leads to chauffeur receiving tickets for expired plates

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FLORISSANT, Mo. (KMOV.com) – A professional chauffeur is confused and upset as to why Florissant Police gave him a ticket for an expired license plate when the sticker on the plate shows otherwise.

Donnell Durley was driving a Chevy Suburban that was leased from Enterprise when a Florissant Police officer pulled him over in March and ticketed him for an expired license plate, though the sticker shows that it does not expire until December.

“So I went back to Enterprise and they said no, that sticker is good. They called the officer up and she said ‘oh, I made a mistake,’” said Durley.

He thought the ticket would be voided until he called the municipal court on Tuesday, and he found that it was not voided. The court said he missed a court date and needed Durley to come in again.

Florissant police said that registration stickers get stolen sometimes, so they’re required to go by the official records from the department of revenue.

“According to the official DOR response in the computer, it showed a 2013 with an expired December of 2013 license plate,” said Officer Andy Haarmann of the Florissant Police.

It turned out that Enterprise had taken plates off a 2013 Suburban and put them on Durley’s 2014 Suburban. Enterprise had gotten up to date stickers but did not have the state remove the old records.

"Let the court clerk and prosecuting attorney know about it so they can make the appropriate decisions based on the new information," Haarman said. 




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