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'Its like starting over'; Effort underway to help Ferguson businesses

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(KMOV.com) – The owner of a business near the police command post that had been set up for security in Ferguson is starting over.

Corey Nickson-Clark said his employees and customers did not have access to his business, shutting it down for two weeks.

“My employees weren’t able to work so they can’t feed their families so it didn’t just affect me, it affected everyone around me,” Nickson-Clark, the owner of Swiish Bar and Grill said. “We opened in June and we were just starting to get real good momentum, had a nice customer base, had my regulars that would start every day. Now it’s like starting over.”

Businesses that were looted were not the only establishments affected. Businesses also dealt with road closures and often were asked to close early for security reasons.

North County Incorporated and a regional business council have raised $70,000 for affected small businesses.

“Our region as far as national reputation has taken a step back, but it is not something we cannot overcome,” said Rebecca Zoll with North County Incorporated. “We are able to step up now and I believe we will be judged by how we respond to what has happened.”

The police command post is gone. Both senators Roy Blunt-R, Mo. and Claire McCaskill-D, Mo. are asking Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon to ask for federal help.

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