Peaceful protests continue in Ferguson after Mike Brown's funera -

Peaceful protests continue in Ferguson after Mike Brown's funeral

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FERGUSON, Mo. ( – A Ferguson church planned for a major protest on Tuesday evening in honor of Michael Brown, and despite the rain, dozens showed up.

Tuesday’s march was sponsored by The Greater St. Mark Family Church and included members of the 100 Black Men.
“We’re not going to let the ball drop on this. We’re going to stay steadfast and focused to make sure we support the Brown family and we support this community and make sure we march and move forward for justice,” said Executive Director Jacque Land.
Protesters calmly marched down Chambers and then onto West Florissant. Police helped by blocking off the roads. The group circled back around at the QuikTrip that had been burned down by looters days after Michael Brown’s shooting.

“I have three boys, a 23-year-old, a 15-year-old, and a 12-year-old. That could have been my son that was out there and could have gotten shot dead … I’ve had encounters with police, being an upright citizen in this city. And I know if I have had experiences with police where they overuse authority and abuse … then I know other people do as well,” said one of the protesters.

“I’m going to keep marching till my shoes fall off and I’ll keep going till I’m barefooted. I’ll stand for something and I won’t fall for anything,” added another protester. 

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