Metro CEO gets pay rise despite contract impasse, rate hikes -

Metro CEO gets pay rise despite contract impasse, rate hikes

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( – Metro CEO John Nations is receiving a $75,000 bonus even though rates to ride MetroLink and buses have increased.

The pay increase also comes at a time when the union representing drivers is at an impasse with Metro over a new contract. The two sides currently disagree about a proposed new retirement plan. Metro wants all drivers to have a 401K retirement plan.

“If we were making $325,000 per year like he is than a 401K wouldn’t be a bad deal,” said Transit Union Division 788 President Michael Breihan. “I have workers making $14.25 an hour. If you put $6.5 percent of your salary into a 401k you will not have nearly enough to retire on.”

Nations told News 4 all other Metro workers have agreed to a 401K.

“Not only when you put money into a 401K, not only is it better financially for the company, it frees up money for wages, and it also provides a better retirement long term for the employees,” Nations said.

Nations also defended his raise.

“If you take the raise they put together, it is exactly  a 3 percent growth year after year from 2010 to 2020 and that is exactly what we’ve been talking to rest of our employees about and some of them have accepted,” Nations said.

Nations said several proposals made to the union include a similar raise for them, but he said it has to include a 401k for new workers.

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