Many concerned about increase in break-ins in south St. Louis ne -

Many concerned about increase in break-ins in south St. Louis neighborhood

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( – A business owner in the South Hampton neighborhood is picking up the pieces after his business was hit by thieves for the fourth time in three weeks.

The owner of PBJ Autoshop told News 4 his business has been a target of criminals. The alderman that represents the neighborhood at city hall said there has been an uptick in break-ins.

“I’ve had three cars broken into this morning. I had a car stolen within two or three weeks ago and someone tried to break into my shop within the last week,” Joe Donovan said.

Donovan said he will not leave cars outside anymore because he is concerned about theft. Donovan said the break-ins are affecting his bottom line.

“It’s horrible. It makes me not want to be here,” Donovan said. “When you live in a neighborhood and have a business in a neighborhood, it makes you just want to move away.”

Donovan said his business has been at its current location for 10 years and has not had any problems. He said he has reinforced the door and plans to install surveillance cameras and is hoping for more police patrols.

“I just wish there was more presence for sure,” Donovan said.

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