As things return to normal in Ferguson, questions linger for bus -

As things return to normal in Ferguson, questions linger for businesses

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FERGUSON, Mo. ( – Some business owners in Ferguson believe it will take a long time for them to regain customers they have lost.  

Meanwhile, some customers have said they are afraid Ferguson is a dangerous place, but the owner of Wurm Tire, which has been in Ferguson for 36 years, says that isn’t true.

“Completely safe, good people, people walking down the street even though we’re getting a bad reputation,” Andy Wurm said.

Wurm said he has been forced to cut the hours of some of his mechanics, but hopes businesses will pick back up soon.

Signs that read “I Love Ferguson” are popping up to encourage residents and visitors to support local businesses. One business owner believes the campaign is having an impact.

“We’ve been getting calls from Wildwood, Creve Coeur, Webster Groves, calling letting us know they’re coming out to support Ferguson and that they’re coming out to support the restaurant,” Kathy Jenkins said.

Jenkins has lived in Ferguson for 24 years, but has only owned a business for one year. She said the community is on its way back to normal, but also said the town won’t get back there until problems exposed by the protesters are corrected.

“We’re also anxious with the incident that has happened,” Jenkins said. “Hopefully the police can figure this thing out, how to bridge the gap between African Americans and authorities.”

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