Sporting list of demands, youth protesters in downtown say they're here to stay -

Sporting list of demands, youth protesters in downtown say they're here to stay

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – Twenty-four hours after the funeral for Michael Brown, protesters came to downtown St. Louis to show that they will not stay silent.

Hundreds of protesters and activists, including children, lined the steps of the federal courthouse in downtown. The protesters wanted long-term changes and came with a list of demands for the Department of Justice, and they said they won't leave until they are met.

The march was organized by the newly formed coalition HandsUp United. The purpose of the march was to send the list of demands straight to U.S. Attorney Richard Callahan.

“Number one is a swift and impartial investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) into the Michael Brown shooting,” said one protester. The demands also include an “expanded DOJ investigation into the patterns of racial profiling and civil rights violations by police across north St. Louis County.”

Most of the protest was peaceful. However, there was a brief moment of unrest as some rushed past police to enter the courthouse. Young leaders, however, insisted that the goal of the march was to remain peaceful and encourage other youth to join their efforts.

“This is rooted in youth. We don’t get tried. I haven’t slept in 12 days and [I’m] fine with that. We won’t burn out,” said a protester.

The young protesters said that they too could have been in Brown’s position and said it hits home for their generation. The coalition plans to bring a lawsuit before the federal court for alleged illegal detainment by police.

Many protesters said they were detained a other protests in Ferguson. Those demonstrators said they will file a lawsuit Thursday, claiming they were detained hours after posting bail.

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