Officials unsure when Missouri Highway Patrol to leave Ferguson -

Officials unsure when Missouri Highway Patrol to leave Ferguson

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FERGUSON, Mo. ( – Many citizens in Ferguson are fearful that residents in the area will not continue to obey local authorities once the Missouri Highway Patrol stops policing the area.

“My daughter goes to school over here and she is just now starting school today,” said Ferguson resident Leslie Pettiford. “I’m nervous about it. I’m hoping we can get past this, but I’m very nervous about that.”

Pettiford is referring to the time when the Missouri Highway Patrol leaves Ferguson in the hands of local Ferguson police officers. She believes the previous nights of peaceful protesting is a sign that peace is returning to the town, but is worried when Ferguson police begin patrolling alone again.

The Ferguson Police Department and Missouri Highway Patrol are still unsure when that moment will be, but are hoping it will be within a week. Other residents, however, say they aren’t worried about it at all.

“I think the majority will obey,” said Connie Mayfield, another Ferguson resident. Another resident and business owner in Ferguson, Daniel Wentz said he believes the local residents will “respond to the police and respect them. There has to be a lot of healing and a lot of new policies.”

Other residents, many in the Canfield apartments where Michael Brown was shot, say they have lost respect for the Ferguson Police Department and want the Highway Patrol to continue working with local officers after the command post is gone.

No official statement has been released when the Missouri Highway Patrol will exit Ferguson. Officials say the decision on when they leave may be a decision for Governor Nixon.

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