Attorneys following Chris Coleman's money trail -

Attorneys following Chris Coleman's money trail


WATERLOO, Ill. (KMOV)-- Lawyers for Sheri Coleman have filed a civil case trying to figure out if Chris Coleman has money stashed away somewhere they don't know about. Chris Coleman received between $26-28,000 after he refinanced his house last October and thousands of dollars are missing. At the time Sheri Coleman's name was taken off the deed.

The house is currently mortgaged for $233,000. Although it's not in foreclosure yet, attorney Jack Carey said it's headed in that direction because the $1,800 house payment wasn't made in May or June.

He said they will be meeting with real estate agents to see if the house is even worth the amount that's owed. If not he would recommend letting the bank take over the property.

News 4 also asked who's taking care of the house and who's getting the mail.

Carey said some of that mail could provide valuable information in the case.

That's because Carey says Coleman participated in a pension and profit sharing plan with Joyce Meyer Ministries.

They also want to know if the couple had any credit card debt, especially since some of the credit cards include the name of another woman, a woman reported to be Coleman's girlfriend in Florida.

Carey said there's also a letter from Alliance Credit Union addressed to Chris Coleman that says he owes $14,000 on a car. Carey says that vehicle will likely be repossessed.

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